“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein       

Logic and imagination are two words that don’t necessarily go together, until now. Go2Show is an exciting, multifaceted, show staff agency, born out of a need for intelligent, reliable people who always work consciously and above all discreetly behind the scenes of any event. Our aim is to always put the logic behind the creativity to make the most imaginative event happen.

Streamlined is a key word here at Go2Show and this is our approach to all that we do, from the way our website is designed right through to how big a team we allocate to an event. We would never clutter backstage with a team of ten when the job could be covered by just five.

We have been supplying event people to the industry since 2005 and the agency was formed in 2011. Past events that the team have been involved in include Matthew Williamson’s Spring / Summer 2008 show with opening performance by Prince and Boodles Boxing Ball which benefits the Starlight Foundation.

Overseas bookings include the opening of Esentai Mall, Kazakstan, Dubai Fashion Week as well as Nigeria Fashion Week. More recent projects have seen the team working on UNICEF’s Halloween Ball as well as a product launch for Bridgestone Tyres staged in Monaco.